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    YK series manual reset pressure control
      • YK series manual reset pressure control

     Product  Specifications

    ◆ Adopt Eng. thread quick connector (copper flare connection) or brass tube (incl. capillary)

    welding connecting structure, easy to mount for different needs.

    ◆ Board-assembly (with mounting ears) or wire-assembly (no need for separate fixing) can

    be chosen for outer shell assembly.

    ◆ The air-tight bi-security disc and stainless steel sensor ensure that the switch opens instantly automatically under the pressure and cuts off the connection between the switch

    contact and the pressure inside the system. The system will not be able to start up the machine by accidentally actuating the pressure switch, which is safe and reliable enough to prevent the machine from damaging.

    ◆ The independent structure design of auto switching off and manual resetting enhances the

    maximum security and stability for the pressure protection.

    Typical Outline Drawing

    Operating Principle

    ◆ When pressure inside the system is higher than rated safe pressure, the sense disc starts to function instantly, resulting in pushing the security disc to the lock position by the rod and cutting off the switch by security disc through connecting rod at the same time. When the pressure reduces, the sense disc resets automatically while the security disc can’t reset because it is at the lock position,

    hence the switch can’t cut in. The system will reset to normal status only when pressing the outside button to push the security disc

    forcibly to unlock in order to cut in the switch.


    ◆ The series of switches are used to all air conditioning and refrigeration systems that require special pressure protection and broad

    range of extra-high pressure protection for the pressure systems of variety of tools and equipments. They can be directly installed on

    the pipeline or on the control panel based on the equipments situation.

    Designed  Parameter

    ◆ Working pressure range: 145~800PSI (1~5.5MPa)

    ◆ Burst Pressure: 5000PSI

    ◆ Ambient temperature: -30℃~+80℃

    ◆ System medium temperature: -50℃~+120℃

    ◆ Electrical Rating: At 24Vac, normal electric capacity: 125VA

    At 120/240Vac, normal electric capacity: 375VA

    ◆ Dielectric Strength: Between disconnected contacts: AC700V/S Terminal to outer shell: AC2000V/S

    ◆ Safety proof pressure: The pressure that the control can endure while not affects the rated motion value

    The highest range of working pressure


    Safety proof pressure






     Typical Structure Drawing

      Electric Theory Drawing

     Typical Connector Drawing


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