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    heater band
      • heater band
      • heater band
      • heater band
      • heater band
      • heater band
      • heater band
      • heater band
      • heater band
      • heater band


    It has Good water resistance and can be used in wet, non-explosive gas environment; it also can be used to heating, heat tracing, heat preservation for laboratory piping, tanks and tank pool;

    It can Wind round the surface directly, installation is simple, safe and reliable.

    Structure properties

    1. This product is made of nichrome wire and insulation material, it heat fast, high thermal efficiency, and has long service life.

    2. The heater wire twine round  the  alkali-free  glass  fiber, the main insulation is silicone rubber, which has good heat resistance and insulativity.

    3. The product has excellent flexibility, can be wind directly on the heating device, the contact is good, and heating uniformly.


    Maximum heat resistance temperature: 250 ℃

    Suggest use temperature: <200℃ Insulation resistance: >100MΩ

    Dielectric strength: withstand 1500V AC for one minute


    Product use and notes

    Silicone  rubber  heater  band  is  flexibility,  and  has  different kind of length and power, so it can also use in other place which need to heat.



    (1) When installed, the silicone rubber band should be close to the surface of the dielectric body.

    (2) In order to reduce heat loss, the insulation layer should be cover on the outer band.

    (3) No overlapping installed to prevent overheating and damage.


    We can also according to user requirements

    (specifications, dimensions) to make sample.

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