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    HVAC Axial Fan
      • HVAC Axial Fan

     Products introduction

    Match-well axial fan is mainly applicable for HVAC outdoor units,ranging from 450mm to 800mm,metal or plastic fan structure and can be  supported  with  variety  of  high  efficiency,low noise axial ventilating fan.

    Product Composition

    Axial fan, motor, motor bracket, protective guard, sheet metal

    wind scooper.

    Fan Selection Environment Conditions

    Environmental Temperature:-20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃;

    Relative Humidity: 95% ;

    Height: more than 1000 m;

    Power Supply: 220-240V 50Hz/60Hz (Single Phase); 380V 50Hz/60Hz(Three Phase);

    Vibration: 10 ~ 55 Hz; Double Amplitude: 1.5 mm.

    Fan model that

    Performance Range

    Air Volume: 100 m3 / h ~ 30000 m3 / h; Motor Poles: 4,6,8,10,12;

    Protection level: IP44, IP54;

    Speed: single speed ,double speed or more; Insulation:class B or F

    Design for : Continous (S1);


    Air-conditioning units:Air-cooled heat pumps,chillers condensing unit,constant temperature and humidity units,dehumidifiers,computer room air conditioners; Refrigeration equipments:Cold storage coolers,condensing units;

    Electrical equiments:Dry-type transformers,electrical control cabinet;

    Ventilation project:Duct ventilation,pump drainage; Industrial cooling equipments and closed cooling tower,etc.

    Example of Model

    Series : ZFA

     Diameter :800

     Impeller height:120 

    Qty of blades:7 

    Power: Single phase 

    Direction of air flow: P 

    Design No:2

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